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quinta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2011

Set de fim de ano Web Radio Freestyle Beat By DJ Geovanne B.2011

Set de fim de ano Web Radio Freestyle Beat By DJ Geovanne B.2011


1-Babie & Keys-Playgirl (Club Vocal)
2-Cyntia Roundtree-Stop searching for love (Club Mix)
3-Kelly Stewart- Same Old Song And Dance (Vocal)
4-Dorothy Galdez - One Love (Club Mix)
5-Edmond-Come back to me (Club Mix)
6-Wendy-I want you back (Club Mix)
7-Mystie - Have I Lost You ( Extended Remix )
8-Romeo Romeo - Without Her (Hard Club Mix)
9-Ann-Marie - With Or Without You (Club Mix)
10-Darcy Alonso - Waited So Long (Extended Mix)
11-Beat Reaction - It`s Time For Pleasure ( Margarita Mix )
12-Spirit Matter- Crimes Of Passion (Crimes Of Club Mix)
13-Manuella- I Can't Go On (Club Mix)
14-Wendi Rogers-C'mon Lover (Club Mix)
15-Double Destiny-Proove your love to me (Heartthrob Mix)
16-Pajama Party-Yo No Se (12 Club Version)
17-Devan - Alone In The Night (Partners In Crime Club Mix)
18-Solid - Loving You (The Club And Nu Wave Mix)
19-Olga - It Happens Everytime (Extended Mix)
20-Tina B - Honey To A Bee ( Club Mix )
21-Sergio (love on the freez) bilingual version mix
22-X-Passion-Is It Real (Club Mix)
23-Franco - Change Of Heart (Vocal)
24-Vickie Ryan - Love Gonna Get You ( Club Mix )
25-C-Bank - I'm So In Love With You (Alternative Club Mix)
26-Raymon Zapata- Can't Go On (Extended Club Mix)
27-Lil' Suzy-He's All I Want For Christmas

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