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quinta-feira, 31 de março de 2016

Trust Retrospective Vol.1 - Remix Competition

Thrust Retrospective Vol 1 mixed by Lee Coombs

01.Lee Coombs - Thrust 1 - 2012 Remastered
02.Lee Coombs and The Drumattic Twins - Tribal Tension 2012 Remastered
03.Meat Katie and Justin Drake - I'm still here 2012 Remastered
04.Oscar Goldman - Thrust 2 - Lee Coombs Remix 2012 Re edit and Remastered
05.Rollin - 2012 Remastered
06.Burnz Brothers - Machine - 2012 Remastered
07.D Ramirez feat Steve Edwards - Testify 2012 Remastered
08.Paranoid Jack - Bring back the Jack 2012 Remastered
09.Oscar Goldman - Modulator - Lee Coombs remix
10.Thrust 4

Thrust Retrospective The Remixes

Lee Coombs And Kostas G - Kaleidoscope - Album

01.Cycles - Album Remix
02.Step Off - Album remix
03.Warehouse Magic - Album Remix
04.Kaleidoscope - Album Mix
04.Reach Out - Tech House Mix
06.Sunday - Album Mix
07.Let Go - Album Mix
08.Floor Burn - Tech House Mix
09.Man Down - Album Mix
10.Phuunked! - Album Mix
11.The Blueprint - Album Mix
12.Reach Out Remix Parts
13.Step Off Remix Parts

quarta-feira, 30 de março de 2016

Lee Coombs - Hypnotone Mixes

01.Lee Coombs - Hypnotone Breaks Mix
02.Lee Coombs - Hypnotone - Tech House Mix

Lee Coombs - Get up off EP

01.Lee Coombs - Get up off EP Breaks Mix
02.Lee Coombs - Get up off EP - Electro House Mix
03.Iguana Djs - Nasty Night - Lee Coombs Remix

Lee Coombs - Fallout

Fallout - Thrust Recordings

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Lee Coombs - Drone Djembe

01.Lee Coombs - Drone
02.Lee Coombs - Drone - Djembe

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Lee Coombs - Break 9541 Mixes

01.Lee Coombs - Break 9541 Original Mix
02.Lee Coombs - Break 9541 Ways And Means Remix

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Freakazoids Experiments What is a DJ Limited Edition Vinyl Digital release

01.Freakazoids Experiments
02.What is a Dj 2012
03.Freakazoids Experiments Acapella
04.What is a Dj 2012 Acapella
05.What is a Dj 2012 Dj Beats
06.Freakazoids Experiments Intro FX

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Lee Coombs - Bay City Roller

01.Bad City Roller Club Mix
02.Bad City Roller - Instrumental Mix

Freakazoids - Bay City Roller Remixes

01.Bay City Roller Remixes - The Freakazoids
02.Bay City Roller - Kostas G Remix

Freakazoids - Body Freak - Impact (The Eart Is Burning)

01.Body Freak
02.Impact (The Earth Is Burning)

Freakazoids - In Freakz We Trust Double Vinyl Album [2014]

01.Bass Generator Featuring Chill
02.The Bells of Zoid
03.Rock The Place Featuring Chill
04.Freakazoid Experiments
05.In Freakz We Trust Featuring Chill
06.Newcleus - Teknology - The Freakazoids Remix
07.What Is a Dj
08.Freakazoids Dawn
09.Body Freak
10.The Freak (Bonus Track)
11.Bass Generator - Club Dub