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sábado, 23 de julho de 2011

Set Freestyle Music By DJ Geovanne B.Freestyle Maniaco

1-Beat Club-Tonight We Murder Love ,It`s So Easy (Club Mix)
2-Sa-Fire-Don`t Break My heart (Club Mix)
3-Giggles-Love Letter (Extended Mix)
4-Marshall Jones-I Burn (Club Mix)
5-Visage-In Your Eyes (Club Mix)
6-W&E-The Pain Of Love (Free Style Club Mix)
7-Spirit Matter-Betrayal (Free Style Club Mix)
8-Judy Torres-No Reason To Cry (Club Mix)
9-April-Right On Time (Joey`s Club Mix)
10-Midnight Fantasy-Come Back To Me (Extended Club Mix)
11-Devan-Alone In The Night (Partners In Crime Club Mix)
12-Coro-Can`t Let You Go (Extended Dance Mix)
13-Nardy-Without Your Love (Extended Dance Mix)
14-Nea-You`ve Gone Away (Free Style Club Mix)
15-Flamingo-Come To Me(Tonight) (Original Mix)
16-W&E-One More Chance
17-India-Bailando En El Fuego (spanish Mix)
18-Melody-Heartbreaker (Extended Version)
19-Chereé-Got Me Loving You (Classic Freestyle)
20-Pretty Poison-Catch Me (I'm Falling) (Extended Mix)
21-Concept of One Feat.Noel-The Question (Extended Question Mix)

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