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terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2012

yabba dabba dance mix2

01 Intro- Fatal Practise.
02 Stayin' Alive.
03 hideaway.
04 humpin' around.
05 Yum Yum (gimme sound).
06 the morning after (free at last).
07 sexual healing.
08 Shimmy Shake.
09 son of a gun.
10 el tiburon.
11 booya here we go.
12 touch the house.
13 my love.
14 the (real) love thang.
15 nice and strong.
16 no time for playing.
17 try me out.
18 wrap me up.
19 Love Is Just A Heartbeat Away.
20 summer of love.
21 knockin'.
22 so in love with you.
23 endless summer.
24 rainbow in the sky.
25 Come Take My Hand.
26 big time.

[[download here]]

créditos dj edson

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