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domingo, 15 de dezembro de 2013

Freestyle South Beach Style

01 Seasons change (feat.Kat) Expo D.j.
02 Domino dancing.
03 It´s Not Too Late.
04 one Night Affair.
05 Freedom.
06 Come OnAnd Dance.
07 Give Me Your Love.
08 PLay Another Song.
09 7 Digits.
10 I Want You.
11 3 Times Your Out.
12 I´ll Know How to Luv U (feat. Luna).

01 Point of No Return.
02 Only in The Night.
03 One Look Is Not Enough.
04 Voice In Your Head.
05 Woman.
06 Just Another Lover.
07 Than Meets The Eye.
08 Can´t U Feel My Love For U.
09 No One Knows.
10 like Before.
11 Going Out Of My Mind.
01 An Everlasting Love.
02 Let The Music PLay Feat.Gina C.
03 She´s Too Much In Love.
04 When I Hear Music.
05 All Around The Sound.
06 Fascinated Feat Gina C.
07 In My Dreams.
08 My Love Doesn´t Suite Ya.
09 Your My Forbidden Love.
10 It Happens Every Time.
11 Take Me IN Your Arms.
12 Memories Of You.
13 The Heart.
14 Stop.

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