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domingo, 2 de julho de 2017

The Underground Of Diggin' Freestyle Vol.7

01 Sperock - I Want You Back (Radio Mix)
02 Chrissy I-eece - Take Your Love & Go (12'' Mix)
03 Rich - Cosmic Daze (Love Me) Radio Mix
04 Bethaney - End Of The Game (Pumpin' Club Version)
05 Nas-T Boyz - The Search (Searching For Club)
06 In Effect - Baby You Are The One (Club Mix)
07 Cindy Valentine - Pick Up The Pieces (To My Heart) Extended Version
08 Patrick Amato - Life Is Tough (Club Mix)
09 Michele Featuring Gemini - Love Is Vain (Club)
10 Raiana Paige - Rescue Me (Club Mix)
11 Tony Moran - Dreamin' Of Making Love (The ''DJ'' Club Mix)
12 Sperock - I Want You Back (Double J Mix)
13 Rich - Cosmic Daze (Love Me) Alternative Collegiate Mix

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