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terça-feira, 3 de abril de 2018

Freestyle Latin Dance Hits Compilation

01-Let the Beat Hit 'Em - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
02-Bad of the Heart - George Lamond
03-Counting the Days - Joey Kid
04-If You Leave Me Now [Radio Mix] - Jaya
05-Come into My Arms - Judy Torres
06-Wiggle It [David Morales Mix] - 2 in a Room
07-What Goes Around, Comes Around - Giggles
08-Where Are You Tonight - Coro
09-DreamboyDreamgirl - Cynthia, , Johnny O

freestyle latin dance hits vol 2

01.-Real Love (Freestyle Hot Mix)- Lil Johanna
02.-I Used To (Funky Melody Mix) - Natalie
03.-Treasure Of My Heart - Spanish Fly
04.-Don't Cry Over Him - Felix
05.-Time - Samantha White
06.-I Know - Wendy
07.-Can't Live Without You - Angelique
08.-Who You Loving Tonight - 21 East
09.-Promise Me - Lil Suzy
10.-I'll Be Loving You - Collage
11.-Fantasy Girl - Johnny O
12.-Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) - Hashim

freestyle latin dance hits vol 3

01 - I Wonder If  I Take You Home [LISA L..
02 - One Way Love [TKA]
03 - Love Letter [GIGGLES]
04 - point Of No return [EXPOSE]
05 - The Mexican [JELLYBEAN]
06 - Show Me [THE COVER GIRLS]
07 - Silent  Morning [NOEL]
08 - Let Me Be The One [SA-FIRE]
09 - Spring love [STEVIE B.]
10 - Notice Me [SANDEE]

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