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quarta-feira, 25 de abril de 2018

Underground Electro Vol 01 (2010)

A1 - Audio Sonic Crew & Electrodefender Featuring Kimberly Kay – People On The Streets
A2 - DXJ  Maggotron – Old Schoolin' Baby (Album Version)
A3 - Sace 2 Featuring Janine (11) – Tell Me Are You Ready (Extended Vocoder Remix 2010)
A4 - E-Control – Feel The Force (Extended Version)
B1 - Funkmaster Ozone Featuring Thee Suspect – R.i.c.h. C.a.s.o.n. (Extended Album Mix)
B2 - Freestyle Evolution – Invade The Party (Deb's Club Abduction Mix)
B3 - E-Rocker – Electro Encounter (2010) (Special Extended Version)
B4 - Zarkon – Chemtrails (Original Extended Version)
C1 - Audio Sonic Crew Featuring Mc G-Nice – Dedication To The Madrid City Breakers
C2 - Invisible Rockers Crew – Athens City Beat Theme (Original Version)
C3 - E-Control & Da Opdigga – Audiofusion Theme (Extended Version)
C4 - Downrocks Feat. Jazzyrizzla – Electro Zetas (Original Extended Mix)
D1 - E-Rocker – Lets Rock (Special Extended Version)
D2 - Electrodefender – Cosmic Flow (Original Version)
D3 - Zarkon – New World Order (Extended Version)
D4 - Videogame Orchestra – Electro Music Transform (Original Version)

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