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domingo, 15 de abril de 2018

Metropolitan Funk Melodies

Various - Collage  Diana (Club Mix)
Various - Collage  Diana (Radio Mix)
Various - Da 'A' Clan  One way love '94
Various - Denine  I remeber you
Various - Gino Caporale  Destiny
Various - Intonation  Free my love
Various - L'amour  Baby Baby
Various - Lil Suzy  Promise me Remix
Various - Lil' Suzy  Promise Me
Various - Manuela  Who you fooling' now
Various - Tribe  So in love
Various - Vilma Gil  For the first time

01-Buffy - Give Me A Reason
02-Died In Your Arms - Intonation (Feat. Joee)
03-Praying For Angel - Rochelle
04-I Can Understand - Kenny C
05-Losing My Mind - D.B Cook
06-Always Thinking of You - Chris Phillips & Alexia
07-Forever And Aways - Brooklyn Qeens
08-If Want My Love - Yotti
09-I Can´t Go On - Manuella
10-No Broken Promises - Cliché
11-Simphony of Love - Stephanie Marano
12-I Dedicate My Love - Michael Christopher

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