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domingo, 28 de julho de 2013

Freestyle Frenzy (Digital Only)

01.Joanna - Me Mentiste A Mi.
02.U.L.V - I Want You Back.
03.Idalia  - Even When.
04.The Reflections  - Now And Then.
05.Romeo - Every Night Alone.
06.U.L.V - Like The Rain.
07.Erika - Again.
08.Miles Beltran  - Fame.
09.DeLeon - I Do Love You.
10.J.C. Santiago  - Cuando Es El Dia.
11.Miles Beltran - Give Me Love.
12.DeLeon  - Without You.
13.Joanna  - Me Mentistes A Mi (Remix).

01.Shane - Surrender Your Love.
02.Diamond Girl - Ooo La La La (Girls).
03.Tommy Bravo  - Sailing Away.
04.Dawn High  - I Need You.
05.J. Vincent -Imagine.
06.Destiny - Kiss Me.
07.Jamel - Just a Dream.
08.Heart 2 Heart - Tu Corazon Es Mi Frio.
09.Venturi - I Never knew.
10.Front Street - Bring it Back.
11.Heart 2 Heart-til the end of time.
12.Eric Lugo - Precious Times.
13.Diamond Girl - Ooo La La La [Best Friend Mix].
14.J Vincent - Imagine [Backstreet Mix].

01.Savanna - Change On Me.
02.Prestige - Angel That I Found.
03.Mixed-how can i win your love.
04.Pure Pleazure - only you.
05.Solo - why.
06.Rascol - Naomi.
07.Ondarize - Dont Leave Me Girl.
08.Tarantasia - No Way Back.
09.Flaire -You left me in the dark.
10.Caramello-  Love Is What You Need.
11.Caramello  - Love Is What You Need (Dub Mix).

01. I Want You - T.O.Q..
02. Please Don't Let Me Go - Jay.
03. I'm Sorry - Randy.
04. Last Chance - Ceaser.
05. Lady Love - Tony Roam.
06. If You Were Mine - Randy.
07. You're Everything To Me - Giovanni.
08. How Can I Be The One - Prestige.
09. Not Being Together - Ceaser.
10. Victim - T.O.Q..mp3
11. Who's To Blame - Giovanni.
12. I Can't Go On - Xavier.
13. If You Were Mine (Remix) - Randy.

01.Lil Johanna - Unforgiving Love.
02.B.B.C - Burning Desire.
03.Angela Rene - Tears of a Broken Heart.
04.Joshua - Destiny.
05.Ingrid Gonzales  - Dreamin' Of Love.
06.Desmond- Now You Know.
07.Ania - Alone Again.
08.Sherri Eldin  - Because.
09.Intrepid - Give Me A Chance.
10.Christian - Into The Light.
11.Angela Rene - Tears Of A Broken Heart (House Mix).

01 Digital Dreams.
02 Blinded By Love.
03 Till The End Of Time.
04 A Place In My Heart.
05 Bring Your Love To Me.
06 Be Mine.
07 Not Going To Be A Fool.
08 Drop The Bass.
09 Alone Again.
10 Love Appella.
11 Bonus Beats.

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  1. Galera, podem disponibilizar: Freestyle Frenzy (Digital Only) - Vol. One ao Six,
    em outro link, se possível no Media Fire, por favor.
    Abs :>)


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