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sábado, 1 de março de 2014

Various Artists - Freestyle Hits of The 80s

01 The Glamorous Life (Re-Recorded) - Sheila E.
02 Fascinated (Re-Recorded) [Remastered] - Company B.
03 Why You Treat Me so Bad (Re-Recorded) [Remastered] - Club Nouveau.
04 Dream Boy _ Dream Girl (Re-Recorded) [Remastered] - Johnny O..
05 I Wonder If I Take You Home (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Lisa Lisa.
06 Don't Stop the Rock (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Free Style.
07 What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy) [Re Recorded]   Information Society.
08 Push It (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Salt N Pepa.
09 Jam on It (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Newcleus.
10 Slow Down (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Loose Ends.
11 Let the Music Play (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Shannon.
12 White Lines (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Grandmaster Flash.
13 The Roof Is on Fire (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Rock Master Scott.
14 Supersonic (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   JJ Fad.
15 Roxanne's Revenge (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Roxanne Shante.
16 Tell It to My Heart   Irene Triny.
17 Cutie Pie (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   One Way.
18 Boom, Boom (Let's Go Back to My Room) [Re Recorded]   Paul Lekakis.
19 I Got It Made (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Special Ed
20 Meeting in the Ladies Room (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Klymaxx.          
21 You're My One and Only) True Love (Re Recorded)   Seduction.
22 Oh Sheila (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Ready For The World.
23 Rumors (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Club Nouveau.                         
24 It Takes Two (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Rob Base.
25 The Message (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Grandmaster Flash  The Furious Fiv..
26 Sex Shooter   Shannon.
27 The Men All Pause (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Klymaxx.
28 Let It Whip (Re Recorded)   Dazz Band.
29 Two to Make It Right (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Seduction.
30 Wild Thing (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Tone Loc.
31 No Parking (On the Dance Floor)   Dazz Band.
32 Hangin' on a String (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Loose Ends.
33 In My House   Shannon.
34 Only in My Dreams (Re Recorded)   Debbie Gibson.
35 Wild Wild West (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Kool Moe Dee.
36 Head to Toe (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Lisa Lisa  The Cult Jam.
37 Somebody's Watching Me   Ready For The World.
38 Send Me an Angel (Re Recorded)   Real Life.                               
39 Living on Video (Re Recorded) [Remastered]   Trans X.
40 I Feel for You (Live)   Chaka Khan.

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  2. k-ra este cd ta phoda show de bola manda o link pro meu e-mail que vou fazer tremer minhas anteras :D


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