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quarta-feira, 26 de julho de 2017

Best Freestyles In Versions House Vol.03

01- Safire - Made Up My Mind (12 Morales Club Mix)      
02- Body Style - Listen To My Cry (Listen To My Overseas Mix)           
03- Jaya - If You Leave Me Now (Acidic Spooge)
04- Heartbrake - Never Stop Loving You (This Is The Night) (House Mix)
05- First Impression - Forbidden Lover (Condo Mix)     
06- Solid - Loving You (House Mix)
07- Chrissy I-Eece - You Should Know By Now (Lil Louie House Mix)                     
08- Bobby Coleman - Must Be The Music (Urban Mix)                  
09- Company B - Full Circle (Extended Remix)        
10- Count To Twenty - You Are The One (Euro House Dub)         
11- Devan - Alone In The Night (Alone In The House)

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