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quarta-feira, 26 de julho de 2017

Best Freestyles In Versions House Vol.06

01- Devan - I Wanna House With You (The MVP Mix)
02- Dona Williams - Alabyes (House Mix)
03- Ed Mond - Come Back To Me (House Version)
04- Heartbeat Featuring Lauraine - Think Twice (Definitive Mix)
05- George Lamond - Where Does That Leave Love  (Where House Mix)
06- Cindy Lauper - Hey Now, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Vasquez Remix Pop Goes Dancehall)
07- Holy Cole - Don't Tell Me You Love Me (Extended Club)     
08- Joey Kid - Counting The Days (House-Hip Mix)
09- Judy Torres - Please Stay Tonight (House Vocal)
10- Karlo - What You've Done To Me (Hold Me) (House Mix)        
11- Ian Iyce - Dirty Dancing Shake It Up (House Mix)

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