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quarta-feira, 26 de julho de 2017

Best Freestyles In Versions House Vol.07

01 Paris By Air - C'Mon And Dance With Me (Housetown Mix)           
02 Caprice - There Goes Your Heart (Gravesend Gang Club Mix)          
03 Debbie Gibson - Only In My Dreams (Dream House Mix)           
04 Judy Torres - Come Into My Arms - (House Version)        
05 On The Edge - Unleash The Power (Power House Mix)             
06 Arthur Baker Feat. Nikeeta - I.O.U. (Pop House 12' Mix)     
07 Rhingo - Without Your Love (House Beats)   
08 Heidi Mathus - Tables Turn - Who's Running The Tables          
09 Felix - Color De Amor & Color Of Love (Tinte Mix)            
10 Loose Touch - Bad Of The Heart (House Mix)            
11 Mask-R-Rade - Where Are You Now (Warehouse Mix)

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