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quarta-feira, 26 de julho de 2017

Best Freestyles In Versions House Vol.12

01- Jose Cheena - Loco Pinga (House of Samples)         
02- Hi-Bias - I Wanna Take You (Vocal Extended Mix)            
03- Kenny C - I Can Understand It (Classic Club Mix)    
04- Joey featuring Em-S-E-X - Lover's Fantasy (D´Funkk House Mix)           
05- Lia Marques - Dreams (Mo's Passion House Mix)   
06- Nicole Daniels - Forever (Horror House Mix)
07- Love And Wisdom (L.A.W.) - Missing Your Love (Trajic Chronic Mix)              
08- Sa-Fire ft Cynthia - Can You Stand The Rain (Richie Santana Club Mix)          
09- George Anthony  - I Love You (Pop House Club Mix)    
10- The Rios Sisters - I Don't Want You Back (Smooth House Mix)           
11- Lidia Lee Love - Don't Take Your Love (Do It Properly Dub Mix)

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